Sustainable agriculture

Dutch agriculture's focus on super-efficient production has been profitable but goes hand in hand with negative effects on nature. A transition is needed to a regenerative agricultural system that will enable us to produce food in balance with nature, people, the climate and the economy of the future. In addition, we need to drastically reduce environmental costs and create worthwhile new employment opportunities as well as exportable products and services.

Re-Ge-NL: Driving force for the transition to a regenerative agricultural sector which is profitable and socially supported

Re-Ge-NL is a program designed to make a prominent contribution to the sustainable earning capacity of the Netherlands and to become a leading example for the global transition to regenerative agriculture. The current Dutch agricultural system has created a strong export position for The Netherlands, but often exceeds local and planetary environmental boundaries, while the added value of the primary production is very limited. To build a future-proof agricultural sector, a transition is needed to a sector which is profitable, environmentally sustainable and socially supported. Putting farmers at the heart of this change, Re-Ge-NL brings together a unique consortium of 54 partners from across the system, who will work together to find future-proof solutions.

On June 30 the Advisory Committee of the National Growth Fund approved the investment application for the Re-Ge-NL program with a conditional grant of 129 M€. Once the required revisions have been approved by the Advisory Committee the consortium is expected to start the first projects in early 2024.

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