About the project

Agriculture, both in the Netherlands and globally, is confronted with huge challenges in combining sufficient food production with achieving positive environmental outcomes and creating economically viable farmer business models. In a previous project undertaken between 2018 and 2022, we developed an outline of a regenerative agriculture system at the scale of the Netherlands and established a community of practice of pioneering regenerative farmers.
This follow-on project focuses on formulating business and development models for Regenerative Agriculture in the Netherlands. Again, we cooperate closely with a group of early adopters to create development plans with sound business cases for transitioning conventional farms to regenerative practices. This project serves as a preparatory step for the Dutch growth fund program called Re-Ge-NL, which is planned to start in 2024.


We aim to facilitate the expansion of regenerative agriculture in the Netherlands by formulating proven development plans with sound business cases for farmers. By executing these plans in practice, and closely monitoring and documenting the results and outcomes for both the environment and farmer incomes, we aim to demonstrate the feasibility and effectiveness of scaling up regenerative agriculture.


Academic partners
Utrecht University, University of Amsterdam, Wageningen University & Research

Industrial partners
BO Akkerbouw, Cosun, Friesland Campina, Het Groene Brein, Rabobank, Wij.Land

More info
See project website

Project leader and contact person
Wouter-Jan Schouten, Wouter-jan.schouten@nextfoodcollective.nl

Time period
2022-2026 (this project);

Total budget
1 M Euro (this project);