Supervisory board

Manfred Aben

Industry representative and chairman

Gerda Feunekes

University representative

Gerard ten Bolscher

Industry representative

Carine Joosse

Applied University representative and vice-chairman


Gerda Verburg

Non-Executive Director

Marian Geluk

Executive Director

Wouter-Jan Schouten

Theme Director Sustainable Food Systems

Arienne de Jong

Theme Director Healthy Nutrition & Wellbeing

Aafke van den Boom

Theme coordinator Sustainable Agriculture

Charlotte Roos

Theme coordinator Sustainable Processing

Linde Floris

Theme coordinator Healthy Nutrition & Wellbeing

Diana Verhoofstad

Management Assistant

Astrid Kemper

Communications Manager

Denise van Eekeren

Event Manager

Jan-Joris van Kampen

Financial Manager / Grant Advisor

Laurens Abbink Spaink

External Legal Advisor