Healthy nutrition & wellbeing

Creating a healthy food retail environment is crucial for our overall wellbeing and health. Especially when viewed in the context that over half of the Dutch population is overweight, a significant risk factor for chronic diseases.

As Next Food Collective, our primary focus is on exploring and creating sustainable alternatives that not only prioritize health but are also affordable and tasty – essential factors for market success. 

We will study the value of foods within the context of a healthy lifestyle, to support people to maintain health, wellbeing, and vitality throughout their lives. However, it's crucial to acknowledge that what works best for one individual might be suboptimal for another. People vary in terms of genetic background, environmental exposure and social networks, leading to different responses to various diets. To address this, we need to understand how specific foods can benefit different population subgroups.
Considering the impact of food on the gut microbiota holds particular significance, as it influences health and overall wellbeing. As a result, studying the impact of food on the gut microbiota will be high on our agenda.