Next Food Collective connects the entire food industry, from farming to food production, from equipment to business services and from top universities to field labs and educational institutions.

Together we translate our collective vision into a clear pathway for change. Reshaping collaboration, valorisation, innovation and governance in alignment with our core values: collaboration, learning by doing, and impact driven. 

This unique collective of Academia, research institutes, corporates and SMEs in the Netherlands will initiate and execute impactful initiatives to drive the Agrifood transition. If we think we can do it alone, we are not thinking big enough!

Manfred Aben


Reshaping collaboration

As our name 'Next Food Collective' indicates we are taking the next step, collectively, to give a new impulse to public-private partnerships in the agri-food sector and accelerate the transition to a sustainable healthy food system. We believe collaboration is key, since the challenges we face in the food transition exceed the capabilities of individual companies and research groups.

Transformation is about reshaping the current ‘normal’. We are dedicated to transforming the current food systems into new systems that generate and give access to healthy diets in an environmentally beneficial way, while also ensuring a fair living income for all actors in the value chain.

We are not naïve - there are many barriers or system lock-ins why these transformations are currently not happening. We want to face these barriers head-on, take responsibility and action as a collective and join forces with stakeholders who can help solve these barriers or lock-ins.

Reshaping innovation and governance

By identifying the barriers for transition faced by companies in their daily practice, and connecting these with insights from leading research teams, existing knowledge, funding opportunities, implementation strategies and policy expertise from our partners we generate tangible results through impeccable execution. 
Furthermore, using our collective influence at local, national and international levels, we promote our solutions for a sustainable and healthy world to policymakers. This combined approach drives and accelerates innovation, yielding true impact.

Our themes

As a collective our themes are established to tackle important transitions, a shift to regenerative agriculture, increasing the share of sustainable proteins in our diet, reducing waste, energy and water use in food processing and improving nutrition and health by changing the food environment and consumer behaviour.

For each of our themes we define very specific end-goals. For example, 1000 farmers will make the transition to a profitable and regenerative farm before 2030, or 30% of the food processing facilities in the Netherlands will have halved its energy consumption in 2030. From these clear goals, strong transition programs are developed.

Bringing together the best minds, sharing knowledge between partners, borrowing from other disciplines where needed, building high performance well-resourced teams, including activities beyond research & development where needed, ensuring excellence in program management and governance.

Dutch heritage, open to the world

While we start this journey from our Dutch origins, our vision extends beyond national borders. We strive to strengthen our international position, sharing our experiences and making a meaningful impact. We remain open to learning from developments abroad, continuously improving ourselves wherever possible.

A new way or working

Next Food Collective holds decades of experience in public private collaborations. We cherish this heritage, whilst at the same time reshaping our way of working and moving forward to achieve our goal of creating a sustainable world and nurturing the well-being of a thriving population.