About the project

The gut contains trillions of microbes that turn complex carbohydrates into a large variety of health promoting products that impact metabolism, immunity and, as recently shown, brain and mental health. Unfortunately, most people do not eat enough of these complex sugars, which implies that asthma, allergies, metabolic diseases as well as mental issues are becoming more and more common. In the CarboSupport project we investigate how to obtain health-promoting products formed by intestinal bacteria by different complex carbohydrate combinations and plant based proteins in different parts of the intestine.    


To identify carbohydrate and protein combinations that support production of beneficial digestion and fermentation products in the different parts of the intestine to promote metabolic health and support immunity and brain health. 


Academic partners
Maastricht University, Wageningen University, University Medical Center Groningen and University of Groningen. 

Industrial partners
Sensus BV, Avebe, Nutrition Sciences (Agrifirm),  

Project leader/contact person
Prof. Dr. Paul de Vos, p.de.vos@umcg.nl 

Time period

Total budget
1,7 M euro 

# PhD

# Postdoc