About the project

The MOCIA research program aims to identify an increased risk of cognitive decline and to reduce this risk by developing tailored lifestyle interventions. MOCIA stands for "Maintaining Optimal Cognitive Function In Aging". Previous research in Finland has shown that a combination of exercise, healthy diet, memory training and proper cardiovascular health monitoring, improves the thinking ability of elderly people. The thinking ability is a combination of being able to remember things, learn new things and keep your attention focussed.

With the Dutch follow-up studies, we would like to learn more about for who and how such changes in lifestyle ultimately lead to memory improvements and validate the Finnish results for Dutch elderly people.

As part of a global initiative, we will test a multi-domain lifestyle intervention in Dutch older adults. Additionally, in our research we will focus on individual differences, predictive factors, biological mechanisms, behavioural change, and e-Health technology.


The mission of the project is to promote a healthy brain. By creating insights into the effects of lifestyle interventions on cognition and uncovering the underlying gut-brain mechanism, we develop smart personalised support that motivates people to make healthy choices that suit them.


Academic partners 
Radboud University Medical Centre, Wageningen University & Research, University of Twente, HAN University of Applied Science, Radboud University, Maastricht University, University Medical Centre Groningen, Alzheimer Centre Amsterdam

Industrial partners
Alzheimer Nederland, Danone Nutricia, dsm-firmenich, Hersenstichting Nederland, Reckitt, OnePlanet Research Centre, Salut

More info
See project website 

Project leader and contact person
Prof.dr Aarts (Donders inst), esther.aarts@donders.ru.nl 

Time period

Total budget
9,2 M euro