About the project

Recent advances suggest ​that the speed of eating has a large influence on the extent to which we feel full, which in turn determines how much we eat during a meal. But the exact relation between the texture of food, the speed of eating and how much we eat (energy intake) is not yet completely understood. The project will explore the mechanism by which texture moderates eating rate and how this relates to overeating. Evidence-based food design principles and novel sensory tools will be created that can guide the development of new foods that moderate energy-intake by promoting satisfaction while reducing the risk of over-consumption.


To support food technologists and producers in product reformulation to help moderate energy intake. Provide institutes and policy makers with scientifically sound insights on the role of food texture and eating rate in energy intake. To guide the design of dietary guidelines to support consumers to make healthier food choices and regulate energy intake to reduce risks associated with weight gain.


Academic Partners 
EUFIC, HAS Green Academy, Wageningen University & Research

Industrial partners
Unilever, Hero, General Mills, MVO, Cosun, NZMP (Fonterra), FNLI, Cosun Nutrition Centre, Tate & Lyle, GB foods, Nestlé

More info
See project website 

Project leader/contact person
Prof.dr  Ciarán Forde (WUR), ciaran.forde@wur.nl 

Time period

Total budget
1,8 M euro 

# PhD