About the program

Agriculture in the Netherlands and globally faces huge challenges to combine food sufficient food production with achieving regenerative environmental outcomes as well as attractive farmer business models. A previous project (2018-22) developed an outline of a regenerative agriculture system at the scale of the Netherlands and a community of practice of pioneering regenerative farmers was established. In a running follow-up project (project) (2018-2024) business and development models for regenerative agriculture in The Netherlands are being developed in cooperation with a group of early adopters

The program Re-Ge-NL, or ReGeNL, supported by the Dutch Growth Fund, will accelerate a transition towards a sector which is regenerative, profitable, and socially supported.


ReGeNL aims to develop integrated solutions together with farmers, regional parties and value chain parties, and including multiple (long-term) aspects of sustainability. 

ReGeNL is a program designed to make a prominent contribution to the sustainable earning capacity of the Netherlands and to become a leading example for the global transition to regenerative agriculture. The current Dutch agricultural system has created a strong export position for The Netherlands, but often exceeds local and planetary environmental boundaries, while the added value of the primary production is very limited. To build a future-proof agricultural sector, a transition is needed to a sector which is profitable, environmentally sustainable and socially supported. Putting farmers at the heart of this change, Re-Ge-NL brings together a unique consortium of more than 50 partners from across the system, who will work together to find future-proof solutions.

ReGeNL received a 129 million Euro investment from the National Growth Fund in October 2023 (news). The consortium had its first very successful consortium partner meeting on the 29th of February 2024 (news).

More information on the program can be found on the ReGeNL website.



See ReGeNL website

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See ReGeNL website

Project leader and contact person
Wouter-Jan Schouten, wouter-jan.schouten@nextfoodcollective.nl

Time period

Total budget
244 M Euro