About the project

Dutch agriculture faces huge sustainability challenges related to environmental, labour and societal aspects. Various factors limit incremental improvement of current systems. Therefore, we start from the new paradigm of ‘technology-4-ecology-based-farming’ (T4E-farming) that will initiate and support the next-generation agricultural production systems that are sustainable, circular and nature-inclusive.  


Build and integrate fundamental knowledge from life, technological and social sciences, and provide the technological methods, tools, and human capacities to facilitate acceptance and transition of new production systems into the market. Three usecases will be developed, representing the variety of agricultural systems: greenhouse horticulture, dairy production and field crops.


Academic partners
Wageningen University & Research, Eindhoven University of Technology, Delft University of Technology, University of Twente.

Industrial partners 
Avular, Connecterra, Greenport NHN, IMEC, Oneplanet, Kverneland/Kubota (Japan), Leafteasers, Lely Industries NV, NanoPHAB, NXP semiconductors, Province Flevoland, Sensor Sense, Settels Savenije van Amelsfoort, Signify Netherlands​

More info 
See project website 

Project leader and contact person
Prof.dr. Peter Groot Koerkamp (WUR), peter.grootkoerkamp@wur.nl 

Time period

Total budget
6.2 M euro 

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