September 26, 2023 - Mocia Consortium Partners Day

On this day the MOCIA consortium partners come together to discuss the progress in the different work packages. It promises to be an interesting day as the research focusses on effects of lifestyle interventions on cognitive performance, finding predictive markers for cognitive decline and discovering the underlying gut-brain mechanisms. Bringing all findings together, the 4th work package 'Personalised e-Health' is aimed at translating all findings into tangible, meaningful and impactful tools for daily life that support self-management of health in the home environment.

We are excited to hear all about the progress made in the past year and the plans for the coming year(s).


Mocia Program
The MOCIA research program aims to identify an increased risk of cognitive decline and to reduce this risk by developing tailored lifestyle interventions. MOCIA stands for "Maintaining Optimal Cognitive Function In Aging". More information