About the project

The conventional extraction methods for raw materials from crops require significant inputs of energy and chemicals. In addition, there can be significant material losses in the process and components can lose nutritional value and functionality.
However, a mild process of dry and wet fractionation can substantially reduce emissions by up to 80% while retaining the nutritional value of the ingredients. As a result, food products will become healthier, containing more fiber and essential micro-nutrients. Moreover, these ingredients may exhibit different functionalities compared to those produced through traditional processes.
This project will take a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach to gentle processing by combining the expertise of different disciplines. A menu will be created that consist of processing methods for a range of plant-based ingredients with different applications.


The objective is to enhance the overall utilization of crops for the production of valuable food products, thus optimizing land use while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions. This will be achieved through the implementation of a mild food processing method that requires less energy and preserves the nutritional value of the ingredients.


Wageningen University & Research, Avebe, Air Liquide, AB InBev, NIZO

Project leader/contact person
Prof. dr. Jean-Paul Vincken

Total budget
3.5 M euro