About the project

In the project, the partners will optimise processing conditions for different organisms, including microalgae, bacteria, fungi and yeast, to assess which deliver the functional, economic and sustainability characteristics needed for marketable food products.
Three focus areas will be studied: cultivation conditions, downstream processing and structure-function relationships. Trials will be performed with a focus on dairy and meat analogues. In parallel, potential supply chain bottlenecks will be addressed. Techno-economic analyses will be used to prioritize processing routes and application directions. Consumer research will be used to understand the market potential of whole biomass compared to refined fractions. A sustainability analysis will further support prioritization of specific processing routes to maximize impact, while prioritizing consumer demands.


Insight into sustainable production chains for cellular proteins based on the interrelationship between growth conditions, downstream processing and functionality for a set of selected microorganisms, including microalgae, bacteria, fungi and yeast. 


Academic partners
NIZO, HAS Green Academy, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research, Wageningen University & Research

Industrial partners
Revyve, Phycom, Unilever, Westland Kaas,PeelPioneers and AB Mauri

Project leader/contact person
Jolanda Lambert 

Time period

Total budget
2.4 M Euro 

# PhD