Next Food Collective history

Next Food Collective was founded in May 2023 from a merger of four network organizations Top Institute Food & Nutrition (TiFN), Sustainable Food Initiative (SFI), Protein Competence Centre (PCC) and Carbohydrate Competence Center (CCC).

Collectively, these organizations have a decades long background in bringing together industry players, knowledge-based institutions and governmental bodies to work on research projects to improve food systems. They have clearly demonstrated the vast capabilities in top quality collaborative, public-private, food research in The Netherlands. The core principle binding all four organizations has always been bridging industry and societal needs with solutions developed by research groups. This core principle will be continued in Next Food Collective.

Considering the monumental task of transforming the global food landscape, a task that demands a multifaceted approach and close cooperation among all stakeholders, the decision to unify into a single network organization was a logical step forward. Our shared vision is a world in which food systems yield health and well-being for people, the planet, and economies alike.

The main objective of Next Food Collective is to promote sustainability, innovation, and impact in the agri-food sector by developing joint programs and projects. The themes that Next Food Collective focuses on include sustainable food production, regenerative agriculture, protein transition and healthy nutrition. 

Currently, over twenty companies, research and educational institutions have signed a partnership agreement with the new organization. Companies active in the agri-food domain that want to be part of our journey to transform world food systems are welcome to join.