Groupe Bel ‘a partner committed to international collaboration for a better tomorrow’ 


On September 8, Marian Geluk and Gerda Verburg of Next Food Collective, spent a very pleasant and interesting day at Groupe Bel's R&D center in Vendôme in France. They were welcomed by a diverse team of people from R&D, sourcing, sustainability and nutrition. During the day, the group shared views and ideas on the challenges they face in the transition to more sustainable, affordable and healthy food systems with Anne Pitkowski, Caroline Chesneau, Simon Bonnet, Elodie Parre, Benoît Goldschmidt and Delphine Chatelin.


Future of Food
Supporting the food transition is a huge and relevant challenge, to which Groupe Bel is fully committed. Driven to help build the responsible food systems of tomorrow, with a positive impact on the entire ecosystem and healthy food for all. This is translated into a clear commitment to promoting sustainable agriculture, fighting climate change, designing responsible packaging, and creating healthier food for all.

Bel strongly believes that collective actions are needed if we want to succeed, and the food industry needs to join forces across borders to create real impact. That is also why Bel joined Next Food Collective, as they share our ambition to accelerate the pace of transforming food for a better tomorrow!