CCC NWO Carbobiotics Symposium

- A Carbohydrate Competence Center/Next Food Collective Symposium -

On November 23 a very successful CarboBiotics End-Symposium showcasing the research outcomes from the past 5 years on mitigation of the antibiotics burden by pre- and probiotics was organized. With keynotes from Dr. Ir. Hermie Harmsen Associate professor at UMCG, and Prof. Knud Erik Bach Knudsen from Aarhus University in Denmark the event delivered new insights into the fascinating world of carbohydrates and their profound impact on our health. 

The event also created the perfect opportunity to say farewell to Prof. Henk Schols, the project leader of the program, marking the conclusion of his tenure and celebrating his dedication to advancing scientific knowledge.

Find out more about the CarboBiotics program here 




10.30-11.00  Arrival, coffee & tea

11.10-11.15  Prof. Henk Schols opens the symposium and briefly introduces the CarboBiotics program

11.15-11.50  Keynote: Dr. ir. Hermie Harmsen - Structural variation in bacterial genomes determine carbohydrate metabolism and link to human genetics and health.

11.50-12.15 Luis Silva Lagos: Towards versatile, antibiotic-specific carbohydrate-formulations for decreasing antibiotics-use and side-effects

12.15-12.40 Lars Vliex: Carbohydrate-induced resilience of the gut microbiota after exposure to antibiotics

12.40-13.30 Lunch buffet

13.30-13.55 Dr. Marthe Walvoort: Beneficial exopolysaccharides to reduce infection and expedite recovery in humans and pigs of different ages

13.55-14.20 Miriam Oost: CARBO-CLICK: CARbohydrate BOosted ControLof Intestinal Immunity in ChicKens

14.20-14.45 Prof. Hauke Smidt: Early life effects of human milk oligosaccharides and prebiotics on antibiotic associated gut microbiota changes and health

14.45-14.50 Break

14.50-15.25 Keynote: Prof. Knud Erik Bach Knudsen - Cell wall degrading enzymes as a mean for releasing oligosaccharides and phenolic compounds from the matrix structure of wheat and brans

15.25-15.45  Farewell Prof. Henk Schols by Prof. Lubbert Dijkhuizen and Prof. Fons Voragen

15.45-17.00  Wrap-up & drinks


Please note this will be the last CCC symposium since in May 2023 CCC has been integrated into Next Food Collective. Future symposia will be organised under the Next Food Collective name.