Theme Director Sustainable Processing

Do you want to contribute to accelerating transitions to sustainable, affordable and healthy food systems? Are you a thought leader and authority in the field of food processing with a passion for designing and driving transition programs, innovation and R&D and creating impact?

The position of Theme Director Sustainable Processing is a unique opportunity to give support to the program of the leading initiative in the Netherlands for transitions of the food systems. The landscape is currently fragmented and the transitions are not happening fast enough.

Does this position fit your skills and experience and are you available for at least 2 days a week, do apply today and join our team at Next Food Collective.

Theme Director Sustainable Processing (NL)

Join us in making a difference in the world of sustainable and nutritious food!

Do you think this position is a perfect fit for you? Apply by sending your motivation and CV before the 22nd of December to
For more information please contact (Executive Director) or (Theme Coordinator Sustainable Processing).